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I am a writer. The written word, a one-time tangible and now mostly virtual entity, is my passion. In ten years as a professional freelance writer, various print and on-line customers have dared published roughly 400 of my original pieces. My areas of interest include sports, parenting, marriage, craft beer, religion, music, cooking, politics, physical health and fitness, self-help and human interest.  Call that list "eclectic" if you are feeling kind or "a little bizarre" if you are being honest; regardless, it's me and those diverse interests fuel my never-ending itch to write.


  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Contributing Writer, April 2016 - June 2016: I wrote advice pieces for the Parenting section of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Published articles can be accessed via the "My Work" link above.    
  • ​​Football.com, Contributing Writer, January 2013 - January 2016: I covered the NFL and the 'Skins of Washington for Football.com.  Over 200 pieces were published covering the history of the team, the NFL Draft and other eventful football excursions. My work can be accessed here
  • The St. Mary's County Times & The Calvert County Times, Contributing Writer, February 2008 - present: I have over 200 published articles creatively relating occurrences in the sports world to everyday life. There is inspiration "between the lines" and my column, "A View From The Bleachers" seeks to move readers by featuring parallels between their "9 to 5's" and the original reality show...sports! My work can be viewed via the "My Work" link above or my blog.
  • Examiner.com, Sports Writer, August 2011 - February 2012: Published approximately 35 articles featuring the classic rivalry between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. Click here to review my work.  
  • The Bay Net, April 2008: Published an article titled "Hooray for Record High Gas Prices" in The Bay Net, a Southern Maryland on-line news source. The piece expressed frustration with car manufacturers and humanity's environmental conscience and celebrated the recent spike in gas prices as an economic change agent for a "greener" approach (both on the supply and demand side) to basic transportation.


  • Florida Institute of Technology, Master of Business Administration (1998)
  • ​Towson University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (1995) with concentrations in Management & Economics


  • Environment: Sierra Club, NRDC, Greenpeace, The Chesapeake Bay Trust, Defenders of Wildlife, National Geographic Society, Georgia Sea Turtle Center
  • Writing: The Writer's Digest
  • History: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Civil War Trust

V. REFERENCES: Furnished upon request

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