Wiki, Unemployed Joe and Patriot Bill

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

I have an affinity for the Wikipedia pages of NFL coaches.  The narrative story matters little; the "Career History" table on the right side of the page is the draw. read more

Unemployed Activist

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

A month before NFL training camps begin, former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick remains mysteriously unemployed.

Considering only football-related factors, there's no plausible explanation for his want of work.  Kaepernick boasts a career quarterback rating of 88.9, an impressive 72-30 touchdown passes to interception ratio... read more

​​Toasting Tomorrow

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

It is 12:46am on Friday, October 13, 2017. The last Green Line Metro train leaves from the Navy Yard in 14 minutes.

It is also just moments after Nationals OF Bryce Harper struck out to end Game 5 of the NLDS and to leave D.C. sports fans to digest yet another unimaginable, if predictable, playoff defeat. 

I am...despondent.  read more

The Declining Consequence of Sports

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

In his book "Queer", William S. Burroughs wrote, "What happens when there is no limit?  What is the fate of The Land Where Anything Goes?"  Considering national and world events since last fall, a running scroll of unfortunate chaos, it feels like Burroughs's questions are about to be answered.

By any apolitical, objective assessment, the last six months have been "unsettling".  read more

Silenced Roar

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

This column is a guilt-ridden obligation. I've never written about outdoor sports, despite frequently hunting and fishing in Southern Maryland as a kid. My best childhood memories included catching crabs, hooking yellow perch...  read more

​​A Decade Of Views

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Believe it or not, Ripley, this column debuted in January 2008. So happy 10th anniversary, my loyal, random, or accidental readers. What's the tenth, tin? Only 40 more to go until gold.  read more

Kids and Giants

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

After a Wild Card playoff win against the Minnesota Vikings, the 1992-93 'Skins traveled to San Francisco for a showdown with the 49ers on January 9, 1993.

Washington, the defending Super Bowl champions, had experienced all the post-championship trappings... read more

Handling the Moment

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Bob Dylan came to me in a dream.  We were seated at an ornate iron table, just the two of us, under a trellis in an outdoor garden.  Despite the serene setting, I was nervous, but maintained a calm facade.  My mind was racing (Bob Freaking Dylan!!!).  Be cool, I thoughtread more

The Pleasure of Defeat

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

If LeBron "The King" James, the man and the basketball player, was tried by a jury of unbiased peers, in Judge Objective's courtroom, the unanimous verdict would be not guilty - not guilty of falling short of any reasonable or meaningful measure of a man and hardcourt legend.  read more

Virtual Football

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

After taking a brief hiatus, I'm back - or at least some version is - from a self-imposed exile from society at-large, D.C. sports in general and eternally-hexed Washington Capitals specifically. The Darkness, the evil force undeniably enveloping D.C.'s professional teams, overwhelmed me. read more

Two Different Farewells, One Grand Lesson

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

March announces the arrival of shamrocks, leprechauns, green beer and, for sports enthusiasts, the madness of the NCAA basketball tournament.

But this piece isn't about the coming of basketball's greatest event; it's about the once unimaginable farewell of two shooting stars across the area's skyline.  read more

Building D.C.'s Wall

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Quarterbacks. Center in hockey. Pitcher. Point Guard.

These are the great orchestrators of the major sports, the conductors of athletic symphonies. The best at each position are mesmerizing, must-watch performers.  Look away at your own risk. read more

An Enemy Impossible To Hate

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The plan was to be on the University of Maryland campus at least two hours before tip-off. After that, our fate would be in the hands of the basketball gods. read more

Original Americans Foundations Falls Silent

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

This time last year, Washington owner Daniel Snyder had a big problem: his football team couldn't stay out of the headlines. Excessive attention isn't normally a problem for the master marketer...  read more

Kirk Cousins Should Be The 'Skins' Starting Quarterback in 2015

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Weeks before the NFL Draft, before a single free agent was signed or the San Francisco 49ers launched the on-going nuclear attack on its roster, Robert Griffin III...  read more

Josh Gordon: Judge Me, Judge Me Not

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Entering a fantasy draft a couple of years ago, Josh Gordon was just a name buried deep on my list of wide receivers. While talented, the second-year Cleveland Browns receiver was facing a more

Then...A Father Comforts A Downtrodden Sports Fan

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

It's been a rough few weeks. I approach my television with great trepidation. The Internet, a one-time fountain of fun, has been reduced to a crisis reporter. I avert my eyes from ESPN's scroll and avoid emails from a TMZ-obsessesed friend.  read more

Not A Corner Cut

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

I was indirectly introduced to New York's latest alleged baseball phenomena during an autograph and memoribilia show in Baltimore. I was wearing a Joe DiMaggio jersey, a symbol not of Yankee fandom but of a love for baseball history...  read more

Fourth And Long: Ray Guy, Hall Of Fame Class Of 2014

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

He is an entrenched stereotype, fuel for jock-sarcasm, the butt of football jokes and the jester in the locker room. What could change everything? What would it take to earn the ultimate sign of respect from his peers? What would give football's clown his day? read more

The Doomed Reprogramming Of Robert Griffin III

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Robert Griffin III was a comet scorching across the football sky in 2012.  His unprecedented combination of running and passing could have made hybrid's cool.  Why no auto manufacturer signed him for an ad campaign I'll never know...  read more

Fashion Faux Pas

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Unless you've been visiting methane sinkholes in Siberia, you know Ray Rice's story.  In February, the Baltimore Ravens running back assaulted his wife in an Atlantic City casino's elevator.  read more

Donald Sterling Unveils a Model for Change

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling committed his latest, and perhaps "greatest" deplorable act. His team united, reacted with strength and conducted themselves with a level of dignity undeserved by their owner.  read more

Moneyball Imitates Lifeball

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

I am way behind on movies.  The origin of my cinematic delinquency is my daughter's birth a decade ago.  The arrival of a second demon seed a few years later didn't help.  Kids, fatherhood and movie watching don't mix - unless they are the Disney more

The County Times

A collection of my published work for Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and The County Times, a regional Maryland newspaper, is below. My column in The County Times - A View From The Bleachers - creatively relates a happening in the world of sports - the original reality show - to our everyday lives.  

Published Work

Ball Games and Togetherness

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

This column started as a four-article experiment on the connection between sports and everyday life.

That was nine years ago.  It has been an amazing experience.  Humbling.  Challenging.  Fun.  Some of the most enjoyable pieces to more

Check Your Messages

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Duke Radbourne, a Southern Maryland native, hadn't seen it in years. But, with the anniversary approaching, a reunion was in order. Of course, it would take some doing. It was buried in a storage room filled with Christmas ornaments, random crap and miscellaneous sports memorabilia...  read more

​​The More Consequential Farewell

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The reaction to the last "View from the Bleachers" - an editorial on Colin Kaepernick, social injustice and anthem demonstrations - was the most significant in the column's nearly 10-year history. It was also the most divided: every supportive comment was counterbalanced by one expressing staunch disagreement. All were welcomed and appreciated.  read more

The County Times - Vintage Pieces

Resolution: No Empty Stadiums

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

It's resolution time, an exercise to complete with care. As most people are their own worst critics, an honest personal critique immediately threatens the New Year's inherent optimism. In his classic, Happy Xmas (War is Over), John Lennon...  read more

Useful Dysfunction

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Warning and a hedged promise: A tired, perhaps psychologically unhealthy topic follows. Brave it...there's a 50% chance you'll be glad you did.

For my entire childhood and through my teenage years, the NFL team in Washington was a source of joy and tremendous pride.  read more

Failure To Learn Or Failure To Teach

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The end is near. Let the eulogies begin.

It is shocking, this present state. He was so good, so fast that such a precipitous fall would have seemed impossible just three year ago. Three years ago. A lifetime ago.  read more

Work vs. Playtime

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The last week or so has been a struggle.  I've watched Australian Rules Football, random College World Series games and "Without Bias", a 2009 ESPN documentary on the death of former Maryland Basketball star Len Bias three times.  read more

You're Making How Much?  

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The interview went well. An offer was made. The job was accepted. You landed in cubicle village hungry to produce, earn respect and advance. After learning the ropes and chatting up veteran members of your new work family... read more

​​Dying Institution

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

January 19, 2002, I was at Fager's Island bar in Ocean City, Maryland when it happened.  I didn't  understand it then; I still don't completely understand it now. 

Where were you? More specifically, where where were you the day Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots...  read more

A Gen-Xer's Perspective

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Once you've been around long enough to develop a generational identity, it's common (because humans are curious) to ponder living in a differnet era.  I've done it, not because of a desire to escape reality via Doc Brown's DeLorean... read more

Seeking Silence

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

This year our nation, while it was busy fracturing itself along alarming political lines and redefining what is acceptable behavior for a president, celebrated a special centennial: the 100th anniversary of the National Park Serviceread more

Mike, Kenny and the Duke

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Duke Radbourne, mythical oracle of dude-knowledge and occaisonal character in this column, veered into my pattern last week.  It was a fitting meeting, as it turned out, because we had both spent the week trolling the MLB winter meetings at National Harbor and doing regular heat... read more

As D.C.'s Other Stars Rise, Robert Griffin III Hits Rock Bottom

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Sports fans know the story better than a pack of 12-year-old girls knows a Taylor Swift hit song. Robert Griffin III was good – like, generational and change-the-league good. Then he wrecked his knee, shot too many commercials, tweeted too many workouts...  read more

Cornerstones, Breaks & Chemistry

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

My wife wears me out for my alleged man crushes. She latches on to many suspects - Hunter S. Thompson, Keith Richards, Art Monk, Martin Luther King Jr., Batman, Abe Lincoln, Sam Calagione (Mr. Dogfish Head Brewery) and The Dude from The Big Lebowski – and produces an avalanche of comic relief... read more

Sports & Parenthood In The Aggregate

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

You've been barking the entire game. Clueless officiating and sketchy coaching by the home team have your blood boiling. The press is giving the team fits. They need another ball handler on the floor. The rebounding is awful. Their archaic zone defense is gift-wrapping offensive put-backs.  And is this team going to run organanized offense? read more

The Consequence Of Ego

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Where were you on March 28, 1994? I was enjoying spring break - a now long-gone concept in my much too adult life - with the spirit of Jimmy Buffett at the Southernmost Point of these great (continental) United States.  read more

Points Over Pints: The Best Left-Handed Quarterbacks 

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

We'll begin at an obvious location and with a good friend and dutiful manager of precious inventory: my beer fridge. What do we have hear? This is the biggest decision of the day. A pale ale, a more

The Future for Griffin, Gruden, Synder and the "R" Word

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

I'm obsessed with OTAs. Football players in shorts, stars nursing faux hamstring injuries and coaches obsessing over calisthenics and pigskin-level position drills five months before week one gets me juiced.  read more

Why I Won't Take My Kid To An NFL Game

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

On September 2, 1984, the Miami Dolphins traveled north to the nation's capital for an opening week showdown with the 'Skins of Washington. It was a battle of NFL heavyweights, a must-see show with an epic cast.  read more

NFL Quarterbacks, Circa 2020

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Elite. It is just a word, sitting there naked in space and without an identifiable meaning. It could be a reference to Nike shoes or a defuct 1970s Ford sedan that's better off forgotten... read more

Writer, Dad, Sports Dude

Ronald N. Guy J​r.

​​​​A Holiday Wish With A Dash Of Sports

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

There are these weird, explanation defying moments in life when, considering all facts and circumstances - the place, the company and how it and they make you feel - you conclude that you are, somehow and some way, in exactly the place where the governing cosmic forces determined you should be.  read more

E.T Phone Earth...Please

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

On 26 August, San Francisco backup QB Colin Kaepernick did what backup quarterbacks do: He took a seat.  Then all aitch-e-el-el broke loose.

Kaepernick didn't sit quietly with a cap and a clipboard.  read more

It's OK if you're not a superhero parent, Atlanta experts say

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Babies arrive kicking and screaming and needing, well, everything.

New parents are immediately, and for years thereafter, confronted with economic and emotional demands and a myriad of decisions - including (but certainly not limited to) what to feed baby, where to live, what school to attend, what pediatrician to see - that directly affect their little humanoid's life.  read more 

​​Celebrate Good Times...Together

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

New Year's: 'Tis the season for dropping balls, big parties and spirited (but responsible, of course) consumption. Wild celebrations aside, New Year's is, at its essence, a spectacular pivot point between what was and what will be. It is a simultaneous divorce and marriage, death and birth, end and beginning.  read more

​​O Say Can You See

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

It first appeared in this column in June with the nefarious reasons behind Colin Kaepernick's unemployment. It reappeared, either specifically or by gentle reference, in the last two entries. "It" isn't a deranged, sewer-dwelling clown... read more

​​Costly Publicity

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Last week, ESPN achor Jemele Hill loaded her 140-character Twitter Super Soaker and hosed down 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with this political torrent: "Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists."  read more

A Camera's Always Rolling

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

There is no precedent for the start of Laremy Tunsil's professional football career.  Tunsil, the 6'5", 310-lb offensive tackle from the University of Mississippi was a consensus top-five selection entering this spring's NFL Draft.  read more

Hating LeBron James

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Four games into The NBA Finals, Player A has averaged 21.5 points, five rebounds, 4.8 assists and one steal per game.  Player B has averaged 24.8 points, 11 rebounds, 8.3 assists and 2.3 steals.  Player A is... read more

Hey Neighbor

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The episode of Parts Unknown seemed like a time capsule from a bygone era. Was it real? The host, Anthony Bourdain, looked the same - slim, distinguishingly gray and weathered perfectly to command respect. The digital television guide confirmed that I was indeed watching a fresh release of the CNN more

From Chaos, Kirk Cousins Delivers Stability

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The list of Washington quarterbacks since Lawrence Taylor broke Joe Theismann's leg on Monday Night Football 30 years ago is long and mostly undistinguished.  read more

​​​The Morning After The Night Before

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The blaring alarm pierced into a vulnerable recess of my brain. With throbbing temples and half-mast eyes, I struggled to calibrate. The world beyond the warm bed was harsh and intimidating. The once-snoozed, then chirping again time box next to the bed incited rage. It was just doing the job I programmed it to do.  read more

Robert Griffin III and the Curse of Sammy Baugh

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

For a fourth consecutive season, the exploits of one Robert Griffin III will dominate the professional football conversation in the nation’s capital. Sigh. Roll your eyes. Act disgusted. Fatigued. Disinterested. Then do what football addicts do: indulge....  read more

The Birds

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Birds in nature: beautiful, melodic and peaceful creatures. Birds, under interpretive genius: grotesque, swarming, vicious, psychopathic killers. 
That was the bizarre premise behind Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1963 horror movie “The Birds.”  
read more

The Greatest Football Writers Of All Time

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

This is equal parts impossible task and fabulous challenge. The best football writers ever? How can this possibly be confined to one column? That's insane. A book could be written about the more

The Uncomplicated Life Of The Dispassionate Fan

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

This is a story about a game, two teams and an equal number of fanbases. It is a commentary on victory, defeat, a great game and human passions.  read more

Washington's All-Star Giver

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Years ago a colleague convinced me that sports curses were real. His trek to Southern Maryland began on a different continent - Africa, his place of birth - and included a long stay in New York City where he became an avid Yankees fan (unfortunate but understanable).  read more

Fundamentals: A Father's Validation

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

I have officially become my parents. I laugh at my own futile arguments against the obvious. I don't know when the transformation happened specifically, but it's indisputable - fait accompli.  read more

'Dad, Can I Play Football?'

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

One of the most important rules of parenthood is this: avoid expectations regarding your child's interests or personality. The world changes for every generation, personal experiences are unique and the variables-made-possible by human genetics are about as hard to get your mind around as a spacecraft landing on a comet. read more

​​Idiot Writer, Wise Coach

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

A series of events can be an accurate predictor of future events or some larger societal shift; they can also be misleading samples that disguise an undercurrent of surfacing truth. In this case, the latter is true.  read more

​​Blackbirds And The Big Baller

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The NBA and NHL are on hiatus. The NFL just resumed playing practice games. MLB is nearing its stretch run, but the playoff and the World Series still seem far away. These are the summer doldrums of sports...  read more

The Gap Between Actions and Ideals

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Ed Cunningham was an offensive lineman on the 1991 Washington Huskies football team that won the National Championship. He went on to play five seasons in the NFL and, in recent years, covered college football for ESPN. Football was in his blood. It was his livelihood.

It isn't anymore.  read more

Negativity Bias and a Timely Tangent

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Olympians from country after country, including an inspiring team of refugees, strode proudly into a cheering arena.  NBA stars, well-known Olympians and anonymous athletes from all around the globe wore the same huge, infectious...  read more

A Perfect 10 and an Absolute Zero

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

My daughter's convinced that watching sports is a waste of time.  She lectures me about it and often uses it to rebut my suggestion that she's neglecting her homework assignments while absorbed in her electronic devices...  read more

Dodging The Darkness

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

I owe the men's lacrosse team at Towson University, my alma mater, an apology. After securing the CAA's automatic bid to the NCAA tournament, the Tigers went on an epic heater.  

In round one, we (alumni status qualifies for "we" usage, right?) laid waste to Penn State. read more

​​Washington's Wahoo

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

This isn't about Charlottesville, Virginia, but rather a man who spent a lot of time there - Ryan Zimmerman.

Several years ago, too many for comfort, Zimmerman starred for the University of Virginia baseball team.  He was a slick-fielding third baseman with impressive offensive chops...  read more

Their #2 vs. Our #2

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

The careers of Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving and Washington guard John Wall will be forever linked.  Fair or unfair, that's just how it is.  The points of intersection are too great; the comparison is too juicy to ignore.

Both players attended blueblood institutions - Wall chose Kentucky, Irving went to Duke - and left for the NBA after just one season.  read more

The NBA's Conscience

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

By the end of this madness, half of you will pump your fists in the air or slap the table in passionate agreement. The other half will condemn me a crusty old curmudgeon wailing ancient values from his porch, half a bottle of poison in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  read more

​​The American Idea

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

My thoughts are scattered. I'm completely out of rhythm. The NFL isn't gone completely, but it's napping. Months remain before the start of the NBA and NHL playoffs. Baseball's spring training has yet to begin. The madness that college basketball injects into March is a month away.  read more

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

What you need to know when picking a pediatrician

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Parents are bombarded with an avalanche of decisions; selecting a pediatrician is one of the more complex.

While every phase of parenthood can be nerve-wracking, ensuring a baby's health in the first few years can be particularly stressful. read more 

A Diamond Grows Up

​By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Words rifle across the screen. I'm numb. Emotion was for years past and another, less psychologically weathered version of myself. Now, the decades of scar tissue have left me still. Cold. Resigned. Washington, D.C.: This town, this cursed town and its professional sports teams have broken me. The 'Skins, Bullards, Captials and more